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TN Visa Sponsorship

TN Visa Sponsorship

Our expert HR Specialists will work with you in finding you a project OR we will negotiate with your Client or Vendor to move your Project to our Company. We have expertise in effectively handling Billing/Project Transfers and the entire TN Visa Process from Project Confirmation to Purchase Order through TN Visa Approval.

Please explain TN Visa Process?

Upon acceptance of Employment, we will immediately send you the required documentation for securing a TN Visa based on your Nationality.

Requirements for Canadian Citizens: Canadian citizens usually do not need a visa as a NAFTA Professional, although a visa can be issued to qualified TN visa applicants upon request. A Canadian citizen without a TN visa can apply at a U.S. port of entry.

Requirements for Mexican Citizens: Mexican citizens require a visa to request admission to the U.S. (A USCIS approved petition is not required.)

Our Company has good Track record with Immigration and our detailed documentation ensures TN Visa approvals, our Expertise ensures that your Professional employment goes smoothly all the way. We always comply with the TN Laws.

Port of Entry or Visa Stamping at Consulates: Our experience and proper documentation ensures you secure a proper port of entry or Visa stamping upon Employment confirmation. Our Immigration manager will work with you in-order to facilitate a smoother visa process.

Why should I work with your Company?

  • We keep everything Transparent .
  • We are experts in performing a smooth TN Visa Process
  • We always Comply with the USCIS and USDOL, TN Visa Regulations
  • We have many Years of Expertise in handling Non-Immigrant work visas
  • Your TN Visa Expenses are borne by the Company
  • We provide a 24X 7 Toll-Free Hotline, support system, chat and email support
  • All phone call and emails are always answered, irrespective of nature of request. Hey, we can only resolve by proper Communication.
  • We initiate Employment based GreenCard Process to all eligible employees by complying with USDOL and USCIS regulation almost from the first day of your employment.
  • You are in good hands; Innovative Edge Technology Consultancy Services LLC is. is an American owned Established Employer with Direct Clients
  • Monthly Payroll Process via direct deposit provided to our Employees.

What if my Projects ends?

We are never concerned about Market Conditions, placing candidates is our main line of work, immigration is only a benefit you will obtain with your Employment. We begin marketing at least a month in advance to make sure there are no gaps between projects. Also, keep in mind, we have our own Clients and we work in a Top Vendor Network, chances are you get quickly hired by one of our Clients.

  • We have Direct Clients and contracts with Top Vendors
  • Experienced and aggressive Marketing Team
  • Experienced Technical Recruiters
  • Dedicated personnel for Professional/Social Networking, we leverage the power of Social Media
  • Good relationships Hiring Managers and Corporate Recruiters
  • Referrals from Employees and Contractors on new Jobs at their Client sites

Innovative Edge Technology Consultancy Services LLC is. does not require any employee to sign long-term Contracts. If situation changes and you have to resign from our Company, we will ensure to provide necessary Employment Verification and Experience letters immediately. However, we retain records for over 5 Years, you may contact us anytime

Innovative Edge TCS is Women Owned business, an innovative organization in training, recruiting & placement, software development, technology solutions.

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