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DevOps takes a holistic approach to software releases by promoting collaboration between all stakeholders.

Enterprise DevOps is applied on 3 dimensions – Process, Tools & People. “Is DevOps part of our culture? Well, we use Jenkins”. DevOps is just about Dev & Ops It takes more than TWO to DevOps!. DevOps promises to have the “silver bullet” to address Agility and Stability Conundrum.

Digital world is in “need for speed” to cater rapidly changing business environments. Existing tools and practices relied heavily on human expertise and manual processes, which are no longer viable. DevOps and Continuous Delivery have become core competencies to address the need.

Agile + CI + CD + Dev & Ops + Security collaboration
A well-defined integrated IT value stream – From business perspective, in order to run the business, it requires continuous Deploy Frequency, Multiple times a day upgrade, Zero failure rate during upgrade, and Mean time to recover in mins.

  • Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Leading QA Automation
  • Feature Toggle
  • Design for Production Operations
  • Ops in Dev; Dev in Ops
  • Predictive Monitoring of Production
  • Frequent and Small Software Releases

  • Program planning, Tracking and Control
  • Centralized Release Management Team
  • Standardization of tools & Release practices
  • Unified Continuous Integration & Deployment Pipeline
  • Real Time Monitoring & Predictive Analytics

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